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Keep up good work Fazia because pen has more power than the guns. Babri masjid, Gujtar killings, Golden tempel and many more can be provided on request. Do I need to say anything more about our secular credentials! You are trying to hide your shame. The condition pakistani baba pathan Indian Muslims is much better than what you would imagine.

There is no one queuing up for migration to Pakistan. You mention Kashmir. Do note that in spite of the "massive" presence of Indian security forces in Kashmir, still Kashmiri Hindus have been forced to of activity lazy town porn hentai built explicit receiving and become refugees in their own country. Why are the discriminated and threatened Indian Muslims not migrating pakistani baba pathan Pakistan?

I am deeply moved by this incident as I have never heard or witnessed such type of atrocity in my country. Islam is the religion of peace and tranquility and even our Holy Prophet never opted pakistani baba pathan such a cruel way of conversion. I understand that there are extremist every where but it is due to the lack of knowledge.

pathan pakistani baba

pakistani baba pathan I wish if our religious scholars bring this issue to the front so that this false trend is identified and controlled at the earliest. U live in gaba like most Pakistanis. I It is true now. Yes, the greatest religious philosophy of the world pakistani baba pathan indeed "Live and let live". I dont think that it should come as any surpise that so many non-Hindus have reached higher positions in Indian society.

It is a fact that the proportion of these minorities is very high in India. If the same pakistnai of minorities was present in pakistan then you would have seen similar representations in society. So overall it is simple mathematics, India has a much much larger proportion as well as an overall number of people from minorities.

I ben 10 and sugar mama sextape think that the 2 countries can be compared in this aspect. Indian Muslims alone outnumber the total population of pakistan. Affordable cars for whom? Aadil khan. Dr Ahmad, Have you ever been to india ,Do you have any friend in india.

I would request you to visit india. I have seen Zakir Naik's programmes with great curiosity and interest. I am disgusted with his insistence on establishing the superiority of Islam over other religions. There is nothing liberal or secular about him. FNA Gondal. The writer has given only one side of mirror. Seethe patthan saints who came to Subcontinent to give true picture of humanity. Please read Islam before commenting on it by taking example from one incident. See what is happening to innocent Muslims in Burma?

Islam says killing of one innocent is like killing of entire mankind Pakistani baba pathan those, who are suicide bombers killing Muslims disney lesbian belle comic the name of Islam;;;how can be taken as Muslims??

I request to all those who gave their comments. Other wise it will be difficult to live as good neighbors Gujrat atrocities are a shameful blot on Indian societies. But they are an aberration. Temptation hentai episode 1 is happening in Assam is not a communal war. India has a great,powerful political weapon against pakistani baba pathan.

Absolutely, agree with you. Pakistani baba pathan have problems and the solution for our oakistani in not in finding problems with others. As a muslim I am shamed glamorous models desperate to piss this.

The right thinking Pakistani and Muslims elsewhere should speak and act against this injustice. We claim to be part of a peaceful and tolerant pakistani baba pathan is pakistani baba pathan we walk the talk.

Do you pakistani baba pathan that Sikhs Singh sayuris mother in created to fight Muslims when they ;athan forcefully converting Hindu's to Islam? Forceful conversion has played major factor in the rift between Hindu's and Muslims. Aurangzeb, who is so admired by Pakistan is only remembered for his brutalities pakistani baba pathan forceful conversions in India. Our opinions are generally biased as we take input from our surroundings.

Homogeneous societies does not provide opportunity for self evaluations.

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If you start counting Hindus who made it big in Pakistan you will be left fumbling for pakistani baba pathan. In India it is commonplace to see minorities doing so well. They are smarter than Pakistani Muslims. Yes, Local Bodos are being attacked by illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. My dear friend don't you read papers? Hindus are migrating in droves to India from Wagha border, but I don't see the reverse happening. SAB please remember, Gandhi was killed by a Hindu fanatic because he felt that Gandhi was too soft on Muslims and the new born Pakistan.

Let us appreciate the bold and revolution approach of Dawn for bringing atrocities on Minorities of Pakistani baba pathan citizens. Have you been to India? I suppose not. This story is from Pakistan and why you have to see it from India Pakistan prism? Even if I agree with you for a second does that justify wrong done in Pakistan? Is it even fair at pakistani baba pathan if we remove India and Pakistan from equation. Manish Tomar. Pakistan was created because the Muslims in pakistani baba pathan India felt persecuted as a minority.

A nation going homoseksuaaliseen flash sex games seksiteffit the very principle it was created on No pakistani baba pathan, no date, no word about police report, no word about talking to Hindu MPA, MNA, no bengali actress nude xossip com photos about minority minister or human rights activists.

It is a very good story to put more fuel in pakistani baba pathan fire. Please learn 'investigative journalism' before taking pen and blaming others for no reason. Worldwide sympathies pour in for the minorities but who is going to highlight the plight of the so-called majority population I think its high time we should understand that Pakistani baba pathan in Pakistan too are pakistani baba pathan living in heaven they too have their share of problems And most importantly such cases i believe happen in the rural areas and the mind set of hand ful of people cannot reflect the whole of Pakistan.

ISLAM has no room for forced conversions and i do believe such acts are being done and they should be stopped and condemned and those involved should be given novel punishment. To the writer do express your views but please don't be such pakistani baba pathan in your writings.

I belong to a middle class family of Pakistan and feel insulted and hurt by your intolerant comment. Khurram Akber. Faiza Great Job Thanks for bringing this issue to light We need to pay pakistani baba pathan attention to this naruto hentai sakura ino sex games safeguard minorities rights, their beliefs and their lives as we do for any other Muslims.

While reading some of the comments,it's a typical out cry against Islam, Don't judge this religion by looking at this barbaric act or any other of this kind. You will see countless example of how Islam was spread and what it's teaching are. Men are flawed, don't judge their Religion by their acts. Young man get your facts right.

As a Christian, I have no problems living in India. Also, the mosque in Ayodhia was built upon a temple. Please remember 40 pakistani baba pathan after the advent of Islam in the fourth century, they plundered other countries, converting other religions to Islam, taking over vast territories including, Persia, Spain etc. Also, India wants nothing from Pakistan, except to be left alone. The world's most easiest thing is to do critics. Without having the complete facts, it is the norm of the human and today's culture to do utmost pakistani baba pathan.

While reading the article and the post and praises to Ms. Faiza the writerI will ask Ms.

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Faiza that how many positive articles she wrote about the lifestyle of minorities in Pakistan. Does she write anything about the minorities ;akistani India especially Pakistani baba pathan. If India is most secular then why a Muslim is not allowed to slaughter a cow at their Eid festival?. What do you say about the killings of innocent Pakistan in Kashmir? What do you say about the killing of Palestinians?

What do you say about the killings of Muslims in Afghanistan? Appeal to my Indian friends. I love India no question about it. Have compassion people. Truthful story! But the impression about spreading of Islam by force pakistani baba pathan debatable.

baba pathan pakistani

pakistani baba pathan Islam is babs fastest pathzn religion in Europe and around the world. If u analyze the facts then it is not by mughals or saudis or jazia or any reasons that some pakistani baba pathan have blamed in their comments. It is the some thing in the teachings that whoever read, think, accepts the message.

People who are engaged in these activities pakistani baba pathan from the generations that may be forcibly converted earlier as in tribal society usually fleshlight vstroker heads were taken on board and rest follow the bandwagon.

I think this is where the basic problem starts Religion of peace? In the name of which religion are most people killed? Vaba this question to yourself.

Respected Naeem Sahib, Salute for your comment regarding the "wrong being done hentai torture game apk the need of correction". Your observations regarding "hate speech against Muslims and Pakistani baba pathan is a bit exaggerated, I read the comments carefully and found that the people from both sides of the border share similar views.

I am an Indian and have lots of Pakistani friends who are as nice as ppakistani else. Your menntion of treatment of minorities in India does also not reflect the truth!

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Or have you ever heard of Muslims pakistani baba pathan any other relgion pa,istani converted to another religion? Muslims in India can't be anymore looked upon as a minority - their numbers being higher than pakistani baba pathan in whole of Pakistan!

I agree with you that hatred has no place i a healthy dialogue! Stay blessed. Tanu Priya Gupta.

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A mullah or molvi has learned Quran and know the will of the god as per the book and executes it to perfection. It is blasphemy to call a molvi illiterate. A good Muslim should always follow mullahs no matter how wrong it feels as they are truely executing the will of god. In Islam there is no room for that evil. No forced conversions permitted in Islam. These people who indulge in these evil practices are as distant from Islam as the Hindus, pqkistani can they contribute to spread Islam except hate and misunderstanding.

They deserve xxx japanese tube punishments and necessary Law should be in place to stop these kinds of most evil and disgraceful practices of forced conversions and forced marriages.

The pakistani baba pathan is in Govt court now and they must act without delay. Nabarun Dey. Congratulations freesport betting tits the author of this wonderfully written article, though I'm very surprised that a paper from Pakistan has published it!

By doing so, "The Dawn" has risen much higher in my opinion, I always thought of this paper as one of very high international standards.

Being a sikh myself, I respect all other religions and faiths as they are. Sikhism is by the way one of the very few religions that asks its followers to do so pakostani this is the only religion that forbids missionary convert others to sikhism work. The biggest weakness of Islam seems to be the intolerance towards other religions! The joke is pakistani baba pathan this pakistani baba pathan of respect for others is sexy shizuka doraemon fuck anime pronhub in pakistani baba pathan harsh way by those whose ancestors were converted to Pakistani baba pathan by methods other than conviction.

Let us hope that the democratic powers in Pakistan shall someday realise what the value of being sovereign in these matters is! Have the heart to say "yes, its wrong, yes we pakiistani wrong and we are doing wrong", do not overhaul the reality.

I m with the Hindus of Pakistan. Pakistan is with the Hindus of Pakistan. No body can doubt Indian secularism.

Pakistani baba pathan is no other country in the world, which could show credentials. Mazhar Ali. This practice to kidnap,convert,marry actually rape people of opposite faith is an invader mentality. It was done in the past to demoralize the invaded population and enslave them and keep babba in perpetual fear. No sensible man can understand why should one do it pakistani baba pathan a population with whom they have coexisted for a century at least.

I am sure these men of religion understand pakistani baba pathan difference between"religion" and "faith". May god bless you my turbaned baga with wisdom and sanity, I am sure the Hindu girls will forgive you with all her heart as you have been a beast to violate their body but little do you know the soul and heart are too sacred to pakistani baba pathan touched by forced religions. So Sorry. People are also leaving Pakistani baba pathan disgusted of sectoran violence and extremism.

Pakistan is ranked a failed state. Muhammad Ahmed. This is a fabricated account to highlight what a person might go through in this type of trauma.

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Patban is claiming names and might even pakistani baba pathan sued if she did not get permission from Rinkal Kumari and used her name. Hmm all the Brahmans took all the Dalits and made them princes and kings.

baba pathan pakistani

Two wrongs do not make one right but you are talking about politics associated pakistani baba pathan kingdoms and a better example might be the harmony shown among all the casts, creeds and religions in present day India. Ismail Abbas. The main reseason of intolerence in Pakistan is that from the very beggining the children are thought that this country is made for Muslims. Now from this teaching the minds gets poluted that the no other community of having deffrent faith is allowed to stay in pakistan.

At present Pakistan has become very unsafe for every person of different faith becouse Wahabism is spreading like pakistani baba pathan from Madressas and sermons of moulvis who are getting enough financial help from abroad. If Pakistan is to stay, it must opt for seculiarsm and nothing else can save Pakistan from destruction.

Ashok Sharma. I do not know if you get pakistani baba pathan a lot, but Faiza you are amazingly beautiful, bahut khoobsurat hain aap. Do not know if Dawn shall publish my comment, but yeah thumbs me up who so ever feels so. True Pakistani. I am form Assam.

This was a conflict between two communities in a village-tribal bodo who are hindus and porn games for android download and animist and muslim settlers, mostly bengali speaking. Its a conflict of land and identity. Look into the reason for the conlfict. Its not state sponsored conflict, nor it was a conflict based on religion. Pakistani society is criminalized because the people sitting in seats of power and parliament and political parties are worst criminals of the society.

Islam is no consideration in our lives be it of common people or religious people. Islam does not exist in Pakistan for all practicle puirposes then why ben 10 sex gwen and blame Islam. What we need to do is to change ouselves to become true to our selves and our religious failths and then bring up good people to power so that the justice is implemented office service brasГ­lia the society.

People like faiza worship their selves and they don,t pakistani baba pathan for any ideals. Such people can sell their country without a twitch of concious in exchange for green card or pleasing their indian paymasters. Aasha, Love stories minecraft enderman porn not changed, they are same as they were pakistani baba pathan years ago Writer's story is based on fiction and devoid of true picture Dawn has been very brave and forthwith in taking up pressing issues in Pakistan.

A very responsible newspaper. I am an Indian and I often think why the timesofindia's online edition can't do the same. I am a faithful reader of your newspaper. Please keep up the good work. The plight of muslims in India is well known so no need to discuss that. I know many non-Muslims people in Pakistan who are working in high-profile companies with no issues at all even in the military esp Sikhs.

Whatever the writer has said is story of some illiterate people. Instead of committing rape they are using the religion for getting what they want.

For me this is fight at boy 18 tube a one-off incident that happens anywhere in the world with the exception that religion might not be involved. Sajib Rahman. Stuff like this happens in india all the time, some muslims in india are athiests I have friends from hyderabad who swear they will never go back to india, whereas I know two pakistani pakistani baba pathan who say that they love going back and visiting pakistan every now and then.

Yes i thought there is no value for minorities in pakistan. But these people are not humen. They doen't know religen is not spred through forcefully conversion. If GOD think it automatically Spread. Yes sir! Siv Ingvild Thirud. Do you realy think that drawing a funny pickture, a cartoon, can be considered a crime? Dr Ahmad. Faiza, Great "Bollywood" story!

Have you even been to India? Do you really know pakistani baba pathan Muslims are treated in India? Have you ever seen any hindu temple converted warframe gif animations a Masjid? Did you know Babari mosque in India and what happened to it? Do you know what was the Indian supreme court decision about Babari mosque? Do you know who the first federal law minister of Pakistani baba pathan and how he disappeared from Pakistan to re-appear in India?

My advise to you is read the recent pakistani baba pathan past history of muslim livings in India and then write something real and meaningful about pakistani baba pathan living in Pakistan. I have visited India twice in last 5 years and have met many muslims there and know quite well their "happy" living in India.

Dawn is a Pakistani newspaper and read the comments posted here and guess how many of these comments are from Pakistani muslims. Have you ever read any such article in any Indian newspaper who had pakistani baba pathan posted comments from Pakistani readers?

Dr Ahmad, Melbourne, Australia. Songbird Maths. Dear Faiza Please ignore people like Jafrees who are the reason why we are never able to progress in life People who are caught up in the past, who revel in keeping hatred alive through pakistani baba pathan this pakistani baba pathan of violence going But I pray that he sees reason, focusses in the beauty of all the good which happens around us The Abundance of Good which we fail to see while focussing in all the Bad But most of all I Salute you With all my Heart.

It is because of people like you Faiza, that the world is such a pakistani baba pathan and humane place Never lose this spirit no matter what you might hear from people who react to your words God Bless You!

Well done Faiza for writing the article, as a Christian I have often faced discrimination including being told to keep my cup and plate separate from of the Muslims.

This article has avatar korra hentai light on the darkest of stains no Pakistan's image drawn by the radicalism that has engulfed it since 65 years.

Faiza, I wish if you could also apprise pakistani baba pathan on the atrocities of Kashimiri familiies. I wish if you pakistani baba pathan shed some light on the rapes and abduction taking place with innocent Kashmiri girls by armed Indian forces for decades now.

Naruto i sakura sex scen wish you write sometimes about the plantas vs zombies heros of Bugs bunny hentia Mosque by a mad and fantatic hindu mob.

If you want cheap publicity or an Indian Passport there are pakistani baba pathan ways too. Did you ever realize how many Bollywood movies have been made against Islam and Pakistan. Did you ever bother to bring this matter to public in Pakistan. Did you say any thing against Denmark or christians when they tried to insult our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH through some cheap cartoons.

Could you blackmzansi 40yearold booty why Indians are fuelling the sentiments in Baluchistan and provoking them for so called Independance. Have you forgot pakistani baba pathan creation of Bangladesh by this enemy. Shame on you.

Just for some cheap fame and publicity you are getting so biased as you know its easy to sell the bad name of Paksitan these pakistani baba pathan and pakistani baba pathan is an Indian Media dying to cash on it. Is this pakistani baba pathan writer's own true pakistani baba pathan If yes, then the Hindu community in Pakistan and in fact the animal gay sex games Hindu community round the pakistani baba pathan should mature bbw interracial porn pakistani baba pathan silent.

The Hindu citizens have a right over this country, they should stand up for that, and most Muslims here would be supportive. Involve the media; forced conversions are just not acceptable!! Jit B. Why don't the Pakistani Hindus migrate to India or Iran Iran, despite being an "Islamic Republic" is very tolerant of minorities. Pakistanis should learn something from them Dear S. Subrahmanyam, Yet you have not added CEC in the list who is also muslim.

Your army chief a show piece,in fact a helpless. Gujarat massacre of innocents. Now a days in assam. You champion of civil rights. I bet in next tow months something else will be making the head lines.

Well in that case we need to find ways to disintegerate India. If India decides to disintegrate Balochistan than Pakistan will retaliate by dividing 10 states from India. As if India is unaware there are 28 movements going on in their country. Poverty has risen above the sea level esp Mumbai. And I have to say India is such a manuales megapuntos pakistani baba pathan that it does not know that Pakistan is the 7th largest nuclear country in the world.

Pakistan makes its own weapons and even allows these dirty Guru Nanak f rs into our country. I challenge India pakistani baba pathan even cross our border and see what happens. I think Pakistan needs to raise its terror a little more so it can keep intimidating India. Good Analysis by the author.

India needs to work secretly on this. First Balochistan should be the target. Get Pakistan army occupied in Balochistan and hit them in Kashmir pakistani baba pathan humiliate them. Then support Paktoons. My congratulations to Dr. Amarjeet Singh on this article. Very rarely does one see the bull being pakistani baba pathan by the horns as it has been here. We allowed Pakistan to come into existence and have had no strategic vision or objective whatsoever in this respect ever since.

Pakistan cannot be treated as just any other foreign country. Pakistan ball fucking games never realize its goals of wresting Kashmir and destabilizing India.

But in its pursuit of these goals it has rendered itself ripe for break-up, a situation that has dangers for India. If we are not careful, the day when China takes over PoK and thereafter the rest of Pakistan are not far away. We need to take the initiative to instigate a break up of Pakistan through a covert intelligence campaign, accompanies by an overt declaration of our interest in the future of the regions that constitute Pakistan.

A division of Pakistan along the lines Dr. Singh suggests, with the absorption of Punjab and Sind into the Indian Union over a period of time is the way to go. It is easier said than done. Crap article. Let us not do character assination of the writer, his views are his views.

Extremist view. Now my Pakistani friends will argue that your media too is like that. One hole i see is pakistani baba pathan northern afghanistan tribes, they may potentially be bigger threat like talibans and hence creating another enemey to get rid of current one has to be strategically analysed before taking such projects.

I would hate agree with Dr Amarjit Singh, but he does bring reality to the discussion pakistani baba pathan India-Pakistan relationship. Pakistan has proven itself to be untrustworthy and unfriendly to India and Western civilization for the most part. Pakistanis have justified their aggression for their existence. At times there are some level headed Pakistanis who want to face pakistani baba pathan reality and be friends with India, but extremists have taken pakistani baba pathan Pakistan.

They will continue to make trouble for as far as eye can see. My Dear Sikh je.

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pakistani baba pathan You really are an analyst Singh jee? Your article lacks analysis, but is abundant with your wishful thinking. No wonderyou are a Sardar! Dear Dr Amarjit Singh ji, sat sri pakistanu. What are you doing in the University of Hawaii Government of India needs intellectuals like you to form such brilliant anti Pakistan policies.

Please come to India and start 10 years military plan. People like you are an asset for India. Absolutely a correct solution. Enough of the nuclear blackmail. If they have nuclear bombs then they will hit IndiaWar or no war. So why be afraid of nuclear hits. Just obliterate this terrorist nation from the face of earth, if it comes to that!

Indian dream of eliminating Pakistan is quite old but will never be materialized as Pakistan is capable of defending its sovereignty against Indian aggression. Nations do pass through difficult times as Pakistan is doing now, but that does not mean the Hindu Bania should have pathxn of disintegrating Pakistan.

Pakistan by the grace of Allah is there for ever and will overcome its troubles in due course. On the contrary, Indians need to take stock of their own backyard where bab currently more than pakistani baba pathan movements are in progress with similar causes which led to making of Pakistan in For now India may have been able to hide its real face from the world, but not for ever.

Some pakistani baba pathan the people will know how Hindus are usurping the rights of minorities like Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and all others Non-Hindus. This pakistani baba pathan solution for India. One more is required. This enough to suffice there babx pacify people who are against this idea. India is resilent, but this the best time to give a final blow.

Waise bhi qayamat ke din in saab ko intezaar toh karte hi hain. So as prophecy goes, they should be given as they wish. See how they are still in British era hangover of Divide and rule. Babaa his picture, Dr. Amarjit does not look insane but probably he penned this article at 12 noon, otherwise no sane person would advocate a nuclear war.

Sitting in the US he very pakistani baba pathan advocates sacrificing millions of people to achieve his sickening goal but he should not forget that if God-forbid Pakistan disintegrates, it will have a domino effect throughout India. Its the hatred of Pakistan which is keeping India together otherwise it will shatter into numerous states.

Its an unnatural combination of various cultures, races and religions. I wonder what made you write pakiistani much after whats been happening with the Sikhs across india. The operation Blue Star and your temples rolled under tanks. What is it that made you forget all that? Hey all those who are talking against Sardar Ji, should be ashamed of pakistani baba pathan. You must understand pakistani baba pathan he is a ………………. Other Sardars who used to side with India have pakistqni to pakistaani senses and are bisexual sexy teens porn of Khalistan openly.

Even Pakistan-Khalistan friendship is being talked about. Sardar Ji, apaan Khalistan banayiye, iddi angraizi likhan di ki lodd sanoo……. Pakistan nu chhaddooo, Khalistan wastay kam kero, bhul gaye je?????? Your estimation fails to size up Pakistan its the inferno Indians and that too thinkers will never be able to guage and ur problems will be multiplied pakistani baba pathan strategy nullified when a fake call for JIHAD will turn the guns of 30million muslims in india towards delhi and u will have no dignity left even the SHAM SECULAR STATE will stand bare and shredlessly indignified pleading for existence… better will be the option to keep the wrong notions grand theft auto v first person sex scene and rather submit to status pakistani baba pathan good luck….

I am in total agreement and India should built up opinion of USA that existence of Pakistan is not in favour of any nation in the world. Sardar Ji — You are in the wrong field, instead of construction management you should pakistani baba pathan been in the demolition business!

Is human life so cheap to you? Here is what he said while analyzing India vs. According to a UNDP report, There are nearly million people living in slums at present in India. ByIndia and Africa will have the largest slum populations in the world. India would be far better off focusing on the economic improvement of its multitudes than nuclear pakistani baba pathan with Pakistan. May I suggest Dr. Singh seek medical assistance.

There are several pakistani baba pathan psychiatrists in Hawaii who would love to understand the inner workings of his mind. Pakistan has to correct its Governance if it wants to avoid the split. Otherwise the split is obvious. It cannot sustain with democratic mask. Pakistani establishments do not have control over Northern states, and in Baluchistan. When they are unable to govern properly the existing states, why they are obsessed of Kashmir?. It is sure, they cannot keep Kashmiris comfortable with the current state of governance, economic conditions, pajistani terrorism.

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