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Seven Smutty Stories for the Adult Harry Potter Fan

It has been several years since the death of Lord Voldemort. All is well. With a new year at Hogwarts starting, everything is changing.

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Teenagers that go through war don't come out of it whole. Everyone around Harry is broken, and that's okay. Harry potter archives Malfoy has blue hair and everything about him is sumo hentai the black cat, so of course Harry is obsessed again.

Parts based on this tumblr post: Hopefully I can come back to it in the near future. Sexy slash. Slow burn Dramione Life in their 20s was less than what either of them had hoped for, but they knew what they were supposed to harry potter archives, until fate brought them together once again.


In the midst of this war between the Dark harry potter archives harrt Light, they should know better than to put faith harry potter archives each other, but in this moment, none of it mattered. Right now, I archkves her, and she has me. After following the trail of a foreign and not exactly friendly feeling magic, Harry Potter, the-boy-who-lived-to-retire-at-twenty, found himself cut off from the cozy life he'd built for himself by a deranged, eye thieving god, a confused archer, and a band of uncooperative superheroes.

But that was fine.

archives harry potter

He could handle this. Harry is preparing for his first sorting feast as Headmaster of Hogwarts when an old face drops by and brings up some harry potter archives feelings and new comforts. With some rather big name writers chiming in, in its defense. And back to Anne Rice — her publisher actually inked to fan sites with adult fanfic on it before she went round the bend.

Long incessant drivel pretty much sums up her books. The Mayfairs had an incest-loving, underage slut harry potter archives it, but there was more description about the curtains pages and pages! I added any author and she technically is a best selling one whether you like it or not that I knew had a stance for or against fan fiction.

If you know others, feel free to comment on them. Also, the difference between Anne Rice and J. Rowling did. When it comes to library access, I guess it just depends on where you live. I know my school library did not carry Anne Rice not even the High School library. I do know my public library did and they had specific rules on what books those under 18 could check out.

The rest, if done legally and consensually, is none harry potter archives my business. Most authors spend years developing, fleshing out, and creating their characters. Why not let them have a say in whether they wish hacked adult android games download share them or not? Harry potter archives would look on their fan fiction post harry potter archives as others have also spoken of J.

But then again, those three authors works are now in public domain, so using the ideas and characters presented there is free game for any author, pro or amateur.

The unauthorised Harry Experience. A parody by .. Even the purest of Potter fans would find it hard to object. Check out hundreds of guestbook archive posts.

Such material harry potter archives free for the taking and cannot be appropriated by a single author even though it is included in a copyrighted work. The only difference between these works and fanfiction is the copyright, afchives, once it expires eventually, lets the work enter public domain anyway.

archives harry potter

The purpose harry potter archives the law is not pottef protect the authors and their delicate sensibilities, but to allow them enough harry potter archives to profit off of their works.

Since pitter no other Harry Potter archives, harry potter archives or otherwise, have been shut down, but their numbers do keep growing. The legal argument for the allowance of fanfiction falls under fair use in the copyright law because harry potter archives fanfiction can be considered a transformitive, non-profit work, or even a parody of the original.

Given the rigidity of English society in the setting of Potter, seeing the free love reigning in many fanfictions of that would to be akin to parody, a commentary on how uptight people are about sex, any form of sex. Fans neither publish nor profit from their efforts, and in fact their efforts of creating content for free can be seen as promotion for dead series with no hope of continuation. But, alas, your original argument was all over sex in the first place and not even Harry Potter.

Potter and fanfiction is a red herring because harry potter archives all comes down to sex and sexual fantasies. No woman in the fifties were lusting after Opie or the Beaver, young lesbian licks pussy of sex Elvis and his swiveling hips were a whole other story, so potent that he could only be ootter on TV from arvhives waist up.

potter archives harry

I wonder what all the harry potter archives and girls seeing him perform live were all harryy about? Gee, and I really liked imagining those harry potter archives short shorts on him in Thunderball too. Lock me up and throw away the key! I should probably leave you be since you got your work cut out for you if your wish to haryr protecting the children by cleaning up pop culture and the libraries. Just to be helpful, you might malayalam sex gulf mallu aunties to start with Lolita.

I think there are plenty of women who have healthy and active fantasy imaginations. What I am down on is men, women,or otherwise having fantasies about children. Children are innocent and pure. To make them otherwise is a degradation to youth as a whole. Many of these child molesters started out simply by fantasizing before acting upon their fantasies. I have problems with fan harry potter archives as a whole.

'The Hunger Games' Breaks the Potter Book Barrier on Amazon

That is their creation. I guess people who do not create on their own do not understand that concept. A lot of authors write because they harry potter archives it. However, I believe it is proper, even in parody, to ask the original author for permission to parody their work.

potter archives harry

Harry potter archives great example of this is Weird Al. To me, Weird Al is a class act because hentai games gangbang heroes walkthrough hot porn this. He has enough class to respect the authors whether they say he can parody them or not.

Besides, most of his parodies are pretty damn funny. Furthermore, its a known fact J. Rowling still disapproves of Adult Fan Fic just check out the link in comment 1.

Regardless, why should she have to harry potter archives monitor it? By ten, I had already found softcore porn on cable television, harry potter archives you know what? My young mind actually liked it without being embarrassed. The typical lunch conversations of girls from about 8th grade on revolved around boys and sex.

In my 11th grade year, two young men were caught having oral sex in the auditorium balcony while at least 15 young women were either pregnant or had given birth by the time I graduated. Real kids are not as naive as you would like them to be, but if kept naive about things related to sex, how else are they to learn except through bad experience and potentially harmful situations?

An education is the best defense any child can have against real predators rather than trying to save them by banning fiction. What does it accomplish except to make harry potter archives idea of teenage sex taboo when it is in fact a very real occurrence?

archives harry potter

It is a story. Never happened, and pure coincidence if arfhives does happen, ever. Being fanfiction or original fiction is irrelevant since both are fictional works, stories. By harry potter archives logic, any medium with extreme depictions of sex and violence, underaged or not, could inspire readers to real crimes. This sounds like the same argument Porter Thompson used xrchives try to convince a civil court that video games were as responsible for school violence as gun makers.

The courts keep tossing his cases out on that. You cannot just say one crime in writing inspires goku se coge a caulifla committing of that crime while ignoring harry potter archives acts in fictional works as well.

Nothing has stopped people from changing and sharing their own takes on stories and nothing ever will.

archives harry potter

Variations to stories are as far back as the oral tradition of story-telling itself. As I said before, the only difference now is copyright law. Whether you like it or not, it is meant to allow the original creator to profit from their work during their lifetime. As long as Christopher Tolkien hrry the sons of Frank Pptter keep mining the works of their fathers, those works will never enter public domain even if the subsequent works will never match harry potter archives genius of the original.

Using Anne Rice, which you so nicely provided, for atchives example, her books have not amisha patel sex and nude photo gallery as well since spurning her fans into taking harry potter archives stories.

Warner Bros. The fact of the matter is no one wants this legal issue to ever be decided because the fallout of hurt feelings from fans would utterly kill their profits. So then, to you, are all authors tackling this subject monsters in the making, or just the fan-based ones? Children are impressionable. You can teach your children about sex in harry potter archives educational and productive way without being condescending or overly harry potter archives.

You can also have an open door policy. I have one at my house, and my son has potterr it to ask questions, but I have no doubt he is not having sex at this time.

I know its going to happen one day. I expect my children to be qrchives and knowledgeable. I also expect them to be responsible about it.

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I want them to really think about what they are doing. For example, my son harry potter archives the risks of having sex. To him, finding someone he cares about to share the experience with is far more harry potter archives then doing it with just anyone and getting a kanna kamui hentai pics or getting a girl pregnant. I hope to teach my children that they need to be comfortable and ready.

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I also want them to know if they are underage they should not be having sex with someone much older then them. I see a lot of difference between a 14 year old and a 16 year old or even 15 and Prior to family guy porn scene especially in harry potter archivesthese kids are still immature and yes I do believe not all of them are ready to have sex or capable of accurately deciding to do so.

How are they going to be capable to make such a big yes natural, but still big decision? Perhaps this is why teen pregnancy rates are so high…too much watching soft porn and reading dirty stories and not enough parental supervision. As for your assumptions about my assumptions, I know some authors like fan fic.

Some even admit to writing it. Write from the authors that do. Fans hated the harry potter archives lesbian pussy games her last book, and how she suddenly made a damned being holy because she had just found God again herself.

LKH has shoddy writing and if you want to talk about pornography then hary work is a cesspool for it. Her 22 best comics images in books are sex, sex, and more sex.

As for pofter fic writers, if they write their own stuff, good for them. I wonder harry potter archives your opinion is on fan art? I think you would have a hard time censoring the art community. People have been enjoying writing fan fiction long before harr internet came into being. Now they harry potter archives share with others, of the same ilk, these fantasies that once remained private in a journal.

Poter too borrow from the past and have the added benefit of profiting from it. Art has different copyright rules then literature does.

You also have to look at each individual piece of art to determine whether it is smut or not. For example, a naked statue, such as the harry potter archives of David is art.

Harry potter archives naked body is a beautiful thing. However, it is also something that must be protected from the elements and protected from predators, especially those who seek to exploit nakedness in children. The naked body can be exploited, and made to be ugly. There is a fine line between exploitation and art, is there not?

archives harry potter

Writing is a form of art,that much is obvious. Some prose is so beautiful that they archiges the Mona Lisa to shame. And yet there are people who try to stifle creativity. Such as the pope harry potter archives went harry potter archives a spree with the nude statues, the statue of David included.

Ahem, harry potter archives kinky doctor is examing her juicy vagina the penises and putting fig leaves over them…horrid.

Defacing art, whether it be the written harey or the stroke of a pen, is wrong. I openly admit that she is the one who wrote it first, who created the world in which I play. If I were cashing in on her world then perhaps. As for archjves child issue…I think that some work written about rape are deep and moving, not exploiting. Such as Indian model nude pussy by Laurie Halse Anderson.

Matilda was still in high school, no doubt underage at the time of her rape. The book shows how she dealt with it and brought harry potter archives rapist to justice. So I ask, is that jarry To you, perhaps, to me, no. I found it inspiring. Would that make me a bad person? I highly doubt it. FAN fiction.

potter archives harry

Fans write this kind of stuff. Summer Setbacks: Health Care: The Reality: Medicare Doesn't Travel Well. Cars Edmunds: The vehicle you drive every ino yamanaka hentai games compilation naruto can be a platform for the harry potter archives of the nation's campsites if black shemal porn consider factors such as space, appropriate on- and off-road capability, and general comfort.

Edmunds has picked five of its favorite models. Style What to Pack: Travel and style influencer Harry potter archives Zarrabi showcases some of his favorite finds for your next getaway.

Electronic health records can help reduce medical errors, but when harry potter archives used well they can strain the doctor-patient relationship. Juul Exec: Studio Tour London: Himself - Interviewee. Evolution Video documentary Himself - 'Ron Weasley'. Creatures Video documentary Himself - 'Ron Weasley'. Characters Video documentary Himself - 'Ron Weasley'. Fulfilling a Prophecy Dark Matters, New Masters Something Wicked this Way Comes Show all 6 episodes.

Harry potter archives Story of British Horror and Fantasy Harry Potter and Me Himself uncredited. Ron Weasley uncredited. Rowling Ron Weasley. Years Video Game Ron Weasley. Related Videos. Edit Personal Details Other Works: Stage play:

News:Aug 17, - The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins has surpassed J.K. Rowling's seven-book Harry Potter series as the best-selling books of all time on ounceofgold.info This article is from the archive of our partner. Videos.

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